I love Indy fringe, Stewart Huff, and everything about the event, walking Mass Ave, seeing new performers, and writing reviews. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. One of the performers that moved me is Stewart. I think I first saw him in 2014. At that time, I wrote the following,

My first Indy Fringe Stewart Huff Show

“As I watched the show, I was reminded of comedians who had moved me and wondered who influenced Stewart Huff. He was comfortable (and funny) sharing uncomfortable truths. We can trace the tradition of uncomfortable, but true, humor back to Lenny Bruce, whose torch was picked up by George Carlin. Others such as Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, and Chris Rock have made us laugh and squirm just a little as we laughed. Stewart did the same.”

My Youngest Daughter

The next year my youngest daughter, who teaches in Florida, visited her best friend, an environmental attorney in Washington DC. Without telling me the girls showed up at my door, they had flown in from DC to join me at Indy Fringe. I took them to see Stewart. He blew them away. After the show, I introduced them to Stewart, who spent several minutes chatting with them. It’s something we’ve often talked about.

My Daughter’s Best Friend

Last year, my daughters’ best friend, her bridesmaid, took a position in Ecuador. Her second day there, she developed a blood clot attributed to the high altitude. They found her dead in her room. Writing this brings tears to my eyes, but at the same time, joy that I have this memory to share with my daughter.  

A Show You Will Cherish

Go see Stewart the short time he’s here. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, and you’ll be forced to think. Take a friend or two. You might have cherished memories if you do.  

To see Stewart’s schedule, and purchase tickets, go here, Stewart Huff: “Do Jokes Still Work?”