Give us a day or two to gather our notes and photos from this jam-packed opening weekend, and we will post more interviews with patrons, performers, and the indefatigable volunteers. We want to offer readers a deeper insight into the artist’s process rather than just enumerate a list of attributes and perceived demerits about shows.

Today is Manic Monday at the Fringe, when board members run the box offices and volunteers get to be VIPs. (Volunteers are always VIPs in our book!) Join in the fun when crowds are traditionally lower than on weekends.

Might we recommend these storytelling performance shows for your historical/cultural enrichment and enjoyment tonight?

Bad Brother: Religion and Politics in ’69
Loren Niemi, Minneapolis

I was in a religious order – you know, poverty, celibacy, obedience – I was good at one of them. It was the 60s and revolution was in the air. This is the story of how I entered a Catholic and left a Buddhist anti-war peacenik with a FBI file.Tonight 6 pm, Phoenix Underground

Victory for the Recycled Virgin
Houston Robertson, Bay Area San Francisco

A naïve, divorced virgin bride of the 1950s grabs you by the heart as she romps through the fearless and funny episodes of her midlife madness. She finally recycles into a sexy independent woman. Or am I a take-charge bitch? She wonders. This wise, wild, witty show is full of surprises. Tonight at 9 pm IndyEleven theater in the IndyFringe theater.

Houston turns 80 years hot tomorrow, and we are inviting everyone to celebrate the birthday of an extraordinary woman by packing her house tonight!

Be sure to thank the volunteers for making IndyFringe possible. Buy them a beer or a slice of Jazzy Doris’s homemade pies in the beer tent!

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