I kicked off my IndyFringe Theatre Festival experience this year by attending Inspired Motion, a collection of nine choreographed pieces presented by Crossroads Dance Indy, or CDI, which is a community-based dance collective. Every routine revealed different forms of inspiration conveyed through movement by using elements of modern, jazz and ballet genres.

Crossroads Dance IndyAfter the first routine, a brief video introduced the audience to the talent behind CDI. It really gave attendees a chance to learn about the artists and appreciate the caliber of talent that’s based right here in Indy!

These dancers embody incredible athleticism, yet they make each leap, reach and bend look graceful and effortless. There were several instances where the dancers executed different movements, and still managed to move as one unit.

During each routine, it was easy to get lost in thought and wonder about the story behind it, then reflect on your personal experiences. Some pieces evoked hope, others a sense of loss or sadness, but it’s nicely balanced. Their costumes complemented the dancers’ movements as well as the music selections, which ranged from Jon Mclaughlin to M.I.A.

My favorite aspect of Inspired Motion was how well they worked with each other. Especially in the choreographed pieces with more upbeat music, they all seemed to truly enjoy themselves and you can’t help but smile with them.

If you really enjoy yourself, you can check out their weekly classes at the Phoenix Rising Dance Studio. Although they are geared for advanced/pre-professional dancers, all are encouraged and welcome. Be sure to follow CDI on Facebook for more details.

It’s a great family-friendly option and you can catch them again at Theatre on the Square (TOTS) – Main Stage on the following dates and times:

Sunday, 8/21 @ 7:30 PM

Friday, 8/26 @ 7:30 PM

Saturday, 8/27 @ 4:30 PM

Wednesday, 8/24 @ 9:00 PM

Thursday, 8/25 @ 6:00 PM

Purchase tickets and find more details at http://indyfringefestival.com/productions/152. I recommend getting your tickets in advance if possible. When you buy them online, you will still need to go to will call and pick up your tangible ticket. Also, allow yourself plenty of time to get to Mass Ave. and find parking.