Do you long for the good ole days? Use phrases like “Gee whiz” or “Kids today” in everyday conversations? Remember your past fondly (with incredible accuracy)? If so, Is Your Brain Still Cooking? is the IndyFringe show for you!

During the show, you quickly learn that a local television station has pivoted towards a new market: the over 60 crowd! The new network affiliate debuts a game show called “Is Your Brain Still Cooking?” on the Nursing Home Channel that awards contestants for recalling events from their past quickly and correctly.

The audience gets to be a part of the first taping of this new game show – what can possibly go wrong? Turns out, the aged can be unpredictable; this causes some comical tension between the host Malcom and first two contestants. It’s quite a feat for Malcom to keep the show from going off the rails and keep everyone under control.

This show does a great job of balancing and celebrating nostalgia through storytelling and comedy. It also brings humor center stage. If you like to laugh, this is an excellent show to check out during the festival.

The Post-It blazer worn by socially awkward Edmund is brilliant; quirky, silly, and ridiculous. It suits the character perfectly! Sexually liberated Ruby Flo is a sassy minx, and that’s putting it mildly! Don’t let the gray hair fool you; she’s no prude.

In fact, the entire set is well-done. You can tell immediately that some game show shenanigans are going to ensue as soon as you enter the theater. The costumes and props are inspired as well. Don’t miss the Honesty Hat that uses highly specialized scientific technology to keep the contestants telling the truth. It’s straight out of a science-fiction film (in the best way).

Is Your Brain Still Cooking? has a witty and clever premise that is likely to be especially popular with any baby boomers – some of the jokes may go over the head of youngsters in the crowd, though. The show offers a great opportunity for audience participation, too. Four audience members get to ask the host a prepared question. If you’re interested in being a question reader, you can volunteer by getting to the theater early!

Fair warning – wearing Depends to this production is not required but is highly recommended for leaky laughers. You won’t have time to rest your eyes “for just a minute” because you’ll be too busy laughing. Don’t miss Is Your Brain Still Cooking? during the 15th Annual IndyFringe Theater Festival. Buy tickets here.


Performance Times

Friday Aug 16th, 10:30PM
Saturday Aug 17th, 9:00PM
Tuesday Aug 20th, 6:00PM
Wednesday Aug 21st, 9:00PM
Saturday Aug 24th, 3:00PM
Sunday Aug 25th, 3:00PM