Earlier this summer my wife and I drove to Cincinnati on a Friday evening. There was only one reason. It was to attend a Stewart Huff show. Okay, so Cincy is only an hour and one-half away, but still, how many one-hour shows have you driven three hours to attend? Here’s the point. It was worth it. I would’ve driven six hours.

I was standing in the lobby talking with Stewart Huff before his show this Thursday when it hit me—someday, hopefully soon, I’ll tell people I saw Stewart Huff at IndyFringe, and chatted with him before the performance and they won’t believe me, it will be like, “Really, THE Stewart Huff?”

Mr. Huff has something to say, says it well, and makes you laugh saying it—more on this later. In the meantime, go see him now while he still performs in small venues.

This is Critical

Stewart’s show “Critical Thinking” is stand-up at its best—the truth, presented with passion from an insightful perspective by an accomplished performer. As I watched the show, I wondered who influenced Stewart Huff. He was comfortable (and funny) sharing uncomfortable truths. We can trace the tradition of uncomfortable, but true, humor back to Lenny Bruce whose torch was picked up by George Carlin. Others such as Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, and Chris Rock have made us squirm as we laughed. That’s what this show did. Laugh and squirm. Squirm and laugh.

Don’t be Scared

Please don’t get the wrong impression. It wasn’t rude or vulgar (although there is adult language) he didn’t blindly attack institutions and people (but he did point out their thought processing errors), and he wasn’t cruel or unkind (but he wasn’t afraid to turn over stones and look beneath.) Stewart is as thought-provoking as he is personable; it was as if he was holding forth in my living room.

What do birdhouses, Noah’s ark, and kidnapped penguins have in common? I’ll let Stewart explain when you attend his show, but what I will tell you is that these topics are examples of the extremes humankind is capable of, from insanity to generosity.

PS Stewart wants to know if there are any Flat Earthers at IndyFringe, because he really wants to meet you.


  • Saturday Aug 18th, 7:30PM
  • Monday Aug 20th, 9:00PM
  • Friday Aug 24th, 10:30PM
  • Saturday Aug 25th, 9:00PM
  • Sunday Aug 26th, 1:30PM




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