Jason Adams is a Goddamn Mind Reader” is hysterical – you don’t need to be a fellow mind reader to know that! Jason Adams’ approach to comedy and magic creates a truly unforgettable experience unlike anything else at IndyFringe Festival. He is a storyteller as well as a comedian, making him a double threat (for hilarity). When you factor in the powerful Maple Magic he possesses … well, that’s the GD trifecta.

Part of the allure of “Jason Adams is a Goddamn Mind Reader” is how unexpected it is. Jason has a solid reputation in the local Fringe community for being fast-paced and zany, and this show will not disappoint! Get ready to laugh and be amazed! It’s high energy!

“Can Jason really read minds?” Yes! The answer is yes! You many not believe in magic now, but after seeing this show, you will!

Jason’s ability to think and act (humorously) on his feet is phenomenal to behold and makes for an extremely entertaining show. The audience participation makes it even better! It’s silly, it’s unbelievable, and it’s completely improvised!

No “plants” in the audience (a trick used by Goddamn fakes) here – this only adds to the excitement (and laughter).

A word to the wise: “Jason Adams is a Goddamn Mind Reader” very likely WILL SELL OUT, so get your tickets in advance online or at the central box office. Expect a packed house, so if you want a front row seat to the antics – get there 15 minutes before the doors open.