He had me at Jason Adams is a God Damned Mind Reader, and I wasn’t alone. It was a standing room only, sold out, packed house. You could feel the electricity in the air. He had a lot of people at Jason Adams is a God Damn Mind Reader.

How Can I describe this show?

Madcap, zany, fast-paced, all are appropriate but don’t tell the story. Audience engagement, silliness, magic, and mind-reading (he really is a God Damn Mind Reader) all fit the performance, but once again are a little short of describing this show. Jason Adams is a charismatic performer who engages his audience as well as anyone I’ve seen.

Who is Jason Adams? Good question. He’s a comic, a God Damn Mind Reader, a magician, and an improvisational actor in his element with a live audience.

What’s this show about? Duh, mind reading. It’s about Indians and priests and card tricks; It’s about geese with sacred eggs, and books about Vikings.

This show defies description…almost

Think of a performance or a concert you’ve anticipated. Do you remember sitting in the audience as excitement built to a crescendo before the act took the stage? That’s how this felt and what’s amazing is I’m certain the majority of the audience, like me, had never seen this show. Here’s the deal. I didn’t need to write this review. I wanted to. I don’t need to tell anyone to go buy tickets. Hell, it may turn out you’ll be lucky to get one, and you’ll be happy to wait in line. Don’t wait too long.