Don’t be surprised if you join the quest for Party Island after enjoy “Jollyship the Whizbang” during the IndyFringe Festival, yo ho ho!

“Jollyship the Whizbang” is a pirate-It’s puppet-rock odyssey produced by Lemonlight and created by Nick Jones (writer and co-producer for the Netflix hit Orange Is the New Black). No where else on the Seven Seas will ye be able to meet a drunken puppet captain sailing a treacherous sea!

The hilarious adventure to find Party Island isn’t always smooth sailing. In fact, at times it gets quite mutinous! Swabbing the deck to a rock-and-roll soundtrack has never been so zany! I don’t recommend those with sensitive ears sit in the first few rows – the live music is awesome (and loud). And if you don’t like, screw ye, as the Captain would say!

If ye enjoy puppets with potty mouths, this is the show for you! The humor is salty, but what else can ye expect from a rock odyssey about pirates? It’s fun to watch the performers interact with the puppets. The original music and lyrics will also get ye foot tapping!

Be on the lookout for crab with big dreams of becoming a member of this motley pirate crew. Don’t let his mustache fool ye – he means business! Also beware the sides of the ship – people tend to fall overboard when not paying attention!

“Jollyship the Whizbang” is a riotous ride across the sea! Don’t miss the puppets, music, and shenanigans this show has to offer. This pirate puppet rock opera featuring sometimes sinister puppets walks the plank between a theater show and a rock concert.