Joyous Faggotry

I laughed from the start and didn’t stop laughing. Go see Joyous Faggotry. Ron describes his humor as if Charles Dickens wrote Hee Haw. His humor is dry, and he pokes fun at everything. The laughter is non-stop. Ron Popp does not take himself or the world too seriously. As he said, “It takes courage to be yourself and to be a pussy.”

Although his stories and tall tales are obviously from his perspective as a gay white man who grew up in small-town Indiana and went to UIndy, I am quite impressed with how relatable his experiences are. He makes fun of himself as well as everything else. Nothing is sacred. What do you talk about after a pandemic? In 2019 before the world shut down, Ron was about to make his New York City debut. I have no doubt he will make that debuts soon. In the meantime, we are lucky to have him in Indy for the 2021 Fringe.

Ron currently lives in Chicago with his husband of eight years.

Buy your tickets now for shows on August 28 and 29 or September 3 and 4.

Content Advisory: This performance contains adult language.