The sound technician excitedly bounces out of the booth to explain a call he received 45 minutes ago from Billie Holliday. She is going to perform here today. “The iconic and legendary singer, Billie Holiday, is granted permission to return for one 45-minute concert …  this is it!” The lady lives.

The Stage Lights Dim

The stage lights dim, the floor oozes fog that drifts up, and out walks the bedazzled image of Miss Holiday. She begins the set with a tasty jazz rendition of Todd Rundgren’s hit song, Hello It’s me. It wasn’t what I expected. However, Monica Cantrell, the singer/actor who portrays Miss holiday explains, “She chose to sing songs that she connected to, if she didn’t feel it, if it didn’t speak to her, she didn’t sing it. So, it was very personal for her and that helps all of us through the good times and the bad times of our own lives. And, so, there’s a huge lesson to be learned in that.” — Monica Cantrell Brings Billie Holiday to Life

Beyond the Blues

Monica Cantrell crones, and blueses (is that a word?) through a half dozen songs. Her version of Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit was my personal favorite,  Billie Holiday-Strange fruit. If a laid-back yet emotionally charged performance is up your alley. This is the show for you.

Performance Times

Tuesday Aug 20th, 9:00PM

Thursday Aug 22nd, 7:30PM

Saturday Aug 24th, 7:30PM

Sunday Aug 25th, 4:30PM