Class Dismissed was a student focused show that featured the talents of a youth theater group keen to show their imagination and a desire to teach us all a few lessons about life as a teenager. It featured some funny bits, especially with the kooky crazy teacher, and a lot of enthusiasm for revealing high school culture to its audiences.

It specifically honed in on the obsession adults have for pushing high school students to apply to college, to figure out what they want to do at college, to figure out where they will go to college, and most importantly to go to college. It especially highlights how much adults push college but not pursuing your dreams if they do not include college.

It also took a dive into how finances influence college decisions and even bar some students from feeling college is an option. Despite its light-hearted appearance and simplistic humor, the show encapsulates a clear message: let high school students figure it out their own way. College is not the only answer or even the best answer, and maybe it’s okay to let them find out if they will fail without college on their own.