Left Hander in London is a close up look at the transition of a man to a transgender woman. JJ Marie is local businessperson, loving spouse, parent and grandparent. He also used to be Joe. Left Hander in London explores how awkward life was before he embraced his true identity, and the fallout that came after. He ascribes being transgender like being left handed, but without knowing left-handedness was an option. You’d think you were horrible at everything, until you discovered you were supposed to be doing it differently all along. That’s the ah-ha moment.

She shares moments from her childhood where she felt she was different, the moment she told her wife, and the moment she decided that she could be he no more The fallout from informing groups of friends and family members was anticipated, but still hard. She shares a particularly long tome, complete with Bible verses and cross-references. The show wraps up with a few songs, including one with audience participation, and one with audience volunteers who stole the show.

If you’d like to learn more about how to support transgender friends, or, ┬ámore importantly, I think, learn what NOT to do when someone shares this new, this show is for you.

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