How do I write a review that shares how amazing this show is? I’m not certain that I can. From the opening number, Aretha’s Respect, I was enthralled, I laughed out loud, not because it was funny but from sheer joy. I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes. Go. See. This. Show. Les Chanteuses really are THE singers.

The Singers

Rayanna Bibbs opened with Respect, R E S P E C T indeed! She was backed by Enjoli’ Desiree, and Brigette Ludlow. And Like I said she nailed it, and then Enjoli’ took center stage on I will Survive. Not only does she sing as well as I’ve ever heard, but she also sells it with her facial expressions and body language. But wait there’s more! Brigette took the mic on Midnight Train to Georgia,  and by this time I’m laughing with tears in my eyes and goosebumps on my arms. This show is pure joy!

And Did I Mention …

And did I mention the choreography? Yea, that too. And Johnnie, Les C’s very own ring boy. And amazing glittering costumes, and the band. The Band made up of Scott Carol on bass, Dustin Klein on keyboards, and Millard Stafford on drums, the band was the perfect backdrop to these divas. They were all outstanding musicians. However, Dustin made the Roland sing, not only could he flat out play, he put on a show in his sparkling gold tux while directing the band from behind the keys.

And the Music

Okay, I just got goosebumps again while typing this. Aretha, the Supremes, Whitney Houston, and then songs in French – La Vin en Rose, and C’est si bon, and yes it was good! Oh my, Good Bless the Child was outstanding, and Natural Woman, and Stormy Weather, and, and, and …

Just Go Already!

I don’t know how I can make this any clearer. Go see this show, do not pass go, do not collect … you get the point. But seriously, if you miss this show, you will regret it. Les Chanteuses really are THE singers

Les Chanteuses is  a production of Magic Thread Cabaret

“Magic Thread Cabaret was established by, Klein & Alvarez Productions, LLC, to provide professional opportunities for local singers of the highest caliber and showcase their singular talent. It was also important for us to further expose area audiences to the cabaret art form and the Great American Songbook, a genre that celebrates the music of the 30s, 40s, 50s, and more contemporary tunes that have endured the test of time. Finally, for us, it was essential that this entertainment form be affordable, and thus, accessible to all.” — Magic  Thread Cabaret

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Monday Aug 19th, 7:30PM

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