by Marion Garmel former arts critic from the Indy Star.
Every Festival needs a little comic relief. In the midst of so much seriousness, “Fairy Godmother & Associates” is a delightful respite. A “Fractured Fairy Tale” for adults it imagines a Fairy Godmother matchmaker who is about to be evicted from her office for non-payment of rent by Big Bad, the landlord, and the wolf; she gets a lifesaving chance to survive if she finds a match for the Prince, who has seen Ella and fallen in love with her.
Will the Prince find his Ella? Will Ella want this bloated, preening rat of a prince? Will the matchmaker prevail? It all comes to a most satisfactory and decent end. There is justice in Fairyland. Waits. One Woman’s Place thrusts us into grief from a jagged perception of death. Now and Then continues the conversation into adulthood from the lack of sufficient integration with our adolescence—how do we deal with the NOW we so desperately strove to achieve?