Every year there is a wonderful mix of new performers and old friends coming back to Indy with a new show or a revival of an old favorite.  Here’s a quick look at just some of the shows back for a second time:

The Beast, The Lady and The Sanguine Man from NoExit. – This live-action, silent film parody of the popular teen Twilight Series was one of the break-out hits when it first appeared in 2013.  The physical comedy, the unconventional look and feel of the performance, the staging, and exceptionally solid performances make this a must see. But get your tickets early, this one is sure to sell out.

The King & I: A Hunk of Burin’ Love –  I loved this sweet, fun, silly show. I am not a huge Elvis fan but this lively, fun romp made a fan out of me.

Haul & Oatz: Time Traveling Detectives 2 I fell in love with the real Hall and Oats in college. Even after all these years, I still remember the lyrics to most of their songs.  So at first, I thought that was what I loved best about this silly comedy. But it is more than just the familiar tunes.  It is the humor, the silly parodies, and spot on slapstick and physical comedy which made this such a fun filled hour.  I am excited they are bringing an updated version of the show back this year.

Stewart Huff – Sense Ain’t Common –  A fixture at the Indy Fringe Festival Stewart brings his unique worldview and wry southern humor which leaves you laughing and thinking.

Drankspear – What happens when you combine Hamlet with lots of alcohol and a playful cast? That’s Drankspear.  The later in the show, the funnier it gets.

The lighting at Preview Night is not the best to take great photos, but here’s a glimpse of the fun.