Everyone knows Harry Potter is the boy who lived. He was the boy born to greatness. While it is fun and exciting to follow his adventures, he isn’t necessarily someone the rest of us can relate to.

Exciting adventures don’t drop into our lives every day.  We muddle through, being kind and loyal to family and friends.  Most of us are Hufflepuffs. This is our story.

It is told with broad humor, physical comedy and parodies of the original story as we follow Wayne, Oliver and Megan.There are many moments of laugh out loud silliness as the “Puffs” work hard not to end up as the lowest scoring house each year. They poke fun at the original as our heroes compete with the more famous Hogwarts alumni.  It will help if you are familiar with the story.

The talented local cast  bring the show and characters to life   I am particularly fond of Olivia Schaperjohn as Megan who is trying to prove she isn’t Puf, that she is smarter, and meaner than the rest of her housemates. The conflicting emotions come through, without ever losing the light and humorous touches.

The show runs 100 minutes, and the time flew by as we rooted for our average heroes trying to beat the odds in a magic school that is not necessarily safe for children. And the show isn’t either.  With strong language, I would not bring any child under 13.   So leave them home, and come enjoy and evening of average magic, and above average fun.