Magic shows are usually fun. I’ve never met a dull magician- they have to engage the audience and command the crowd (and create distraction) in order for their tricks to work. I’ve never met a magician though, quite like Jamahl Keyes. He’s got an old school soundtrack, and the set to his show is his bedroom, circa the mid-80s. This GenX girl was loving it.

As he performed magic (wooden egg- see the hole in the back! real egg- that was just a sticker- ha!), he told stories of his awkward teen years, and how he used magic to win girls and frustrate substitute teachers. He also called up members of the audience to participate, including my son. My 8 year old had a blast helping with the card trick, and was VERY surprised when coins started coming out of his nose. He also performed a trick with an audience member’s iPhone that had audience members cringing until the phone surfaced again (I won’t tell you where- I’ve never seen anything quite like it).

Magic, Music and Mischief! Is completely family friendly, and easily kept my 8 year old’s attention for the entire show.

Catch Magic, Music and Mischief! before the Festival closes:

Sunday, August 21 at 3pm

Wednesday, August 24 at 9pm

Thursday, August 25 at 6pm

Saturday, August 27 at 4:30pm

Sunday, August 28 at 3pm