I opened my 2015 IndyFringe on Saturday afternoon with the showing of Men’s Room, a five-character play that takes place at an advertising/jingle writing agency.

Well, in the men’s room of said agency.

Since this is where most of the action happens during the work day, jingle writers use the bathroom as a meeting room, studio, and think tank. And they also do their daily business in there.

The play, written by Marcus May and Caleb Nuñez, uses plenty of potty humor, both literally and figuratively, and even has plenty of sound effects.

As three of the company’s jingle writers all compete for the coveted Hoosier Lottery account, we’re treated to their ideas for other clients, and dreams of jingles they’d written. There was even a Boogie Burger jingle at one point, and it was all I could do to not stand up and shout, “I know those guys! I just had lunch there!”

As the agency prepares for a big party, Henry the bathroom attendant talks with everyone in the agency, including the lone female employee who thinks nothing of barging into the men’s room for one of their meetings. He learns about their fears, their hopes, and gets to see how they react to each other and toward him, a “lowly bathroom attendant.”

It’s often said that you can test the true character of a person by seeing how they treat people in lower positions than they are. And Henry gets to see who’s a good person, and who’s merely talented.

The not-so-surprising ending restores your faith in humanity and even the workplace, and proves that if you just stay on the straight and narrow path, everything will come out alright in the end.

So it’s a good thing we were all in the men’s room.