The Great and Powerful Tim Saves Christmas was a mash-up of comedy, Christmas, raunchy humor, and magic. Imagine the plot of The Santa Clause and taking it on a few adult twists and turns and adding a dash of Frosty the Snowman, The Grinch, A Christmas Carol, and other beloved Christmas films. What makes Tim’s version different is that he has to use magic to prove he is worthy to be the new Santa after accidentally sleighing him…well, slaying him.

The show hinges on a lot of audience participation. In fact, the audience gets a chance to become characters who assist Tim with his magic while also enhancing the plot. While audience participation can be a lot of fun, this participation was pretty demanding. Audience members had to don several props, stay on stage multiple times or stand up, and deliver lines typed up on notecards and handed to them as needed. Although this was amusing in its own way, it would have been nice to have the magic be more of a focal point.

The magic itself was done well and fun to watch, but it would have been nice to see more. The show is described as being a bit of this and a bit of that, so it does fulfill that promise. What could have made it an even more engaging show would be if the magic and the plot were more integrated so that the magic was driving the plot instead of being a sideline in the plot.

Overall, the show was humorous and entertaining, and it was great fun to figure out all of the allusions to familiar Christmas shows. As an audience member, it was an overall experience as we got to be a part of the magic and save the most beloved holiday…even if it is the middle of summer.