Why see the show?  Cast member, Fawzia Istrabadi, says, “It’s a funny take on US history, that weirdly parallels today’s political climate, and it’ll just be a fun show to watch.”  I agree.  Mike and Ronny is funny and at times a little slapstick and a little silly.  Worth watching!

Russia – U.S relations probable, improbable or ridiculous? If you like a political farce, set in the past, reflecting current events, this is the show for you. Cold War, Russia, U.S. Russian romantic connection. So what do Gorbachov and Regan see in each other? And who’s this young guy called Putin, anyway?

What if the Russian connection has been around for a very long time. Reagan was president before most of the cast members were born.  This puts an interesting spin on their interpretation. The play is written by cast member Cameron Wooddy.

Congratulations to Earlham College on your third years at Indy Fringe!  Hope to see you back again next year.

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