Watching magic shows as a child was always a source of fascination. How did they do that? How did I miss the “trick”? Trigg Watson still captures that fascination, but he adds further intrigue through the incorporation of modern technology. As an audience member, it creates a sense of connection to the magic when you see something as familiar as an iPad, iPhone, Alexa, and Amazon being used.

Trigg is an even more personable magician because of his youth and the way he uses personal touches to build a relationship with the audience. You get to know his story and understand how and why he chose to fuse magic and technology. He also makes a very valid point: we already live in a magical world. Technology has reached incredible heights in the recent decades, so it has become an even harder task to awe a modern audience. Not so for Mr. Watson. He has discovered a way to take the already magical objects we use on a daily basis and make us see them as magical in new ways.

All technology aside, the magic itself was great fun. He drew in the audience, used the audience, and amused the audience with high-quality tricks. He made the experience a fast-paced wonder, and there was no shortage of laughter in the theater. Look out, modern inventors. Trigg Watson is already one step ahead of your next creation.

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Saturday Aug 18th, 1:30PM

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Saturday Aug 18th, 1:30PM

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