Mother Ireland- we all know someone who’s Irish, right? I’ve heard tales of Ireland’s difficult past. I know the U2 songs. I know many people whose ancestors chose to leave rather than starve. But what about the people who stayed? What about the women who fought for their country? The women who found themselves in the middle of a civil war? In the middle of a war about religion?

Mother Ireland is three one-act plays that feature three difficult periods in Ireland during the twentieth century. The all-female cast of three takes on the roles of mother, daughter, captor and more. So often we see the men of war, but Mother Ireland shows the women at the time of war as well. Woven into the performance is traditional Irish music sung from the heart.

The last act features women doing what we do best- supporting each other. It may be futile act, one that could get them killed, but the sisters-in-law and best friends decide to take a stand together.

There’s one performance of Mother Ireland left, Saturday, April 9 at 4:30pm. The show is appropriate for ages 12 and up, and would be of interest to anyone wanting to understand more of Ireland’s history.

Tickets are available online- Mother Ireland.