I may not act my age, but I’m 65-years-young. And in my 65 years, I’ve never been to a burlesque show. How could that be? I’m not sure, but I’m glad Burlesque is part of Indy Fringe, and I’m happy my friend, Karma D’Light, a cast member, persuaded me it was time to learn what burlesques was about. I had a blast. Burlesque is fun.

I Wasn’t Sure What to Think

If you’re familiar with burlesque and have gone to shows, you can skip this paragraph, but if you’re like me, and you only have a vague understanding of burlesque—read on.  Burlesque, well at least from my vast experience of attending one performance staged by one troupe, is about fun, not sex. That’s not quite right because it is sexy, but not at the expense of having fun. Fun comes first.

Angel Nerds are Hot and Funny!

The show includes routines loosely based on Pac Mac, Star Trek (Next Gen of course) Stargate, Oscar the Grouch, the Mad Hatter, Miss Angel dancing with Darth Vader’s head, and more. The show closed on a fitting high note. All the Angels got together and…nope, no spoiler alert here. You’ll have to see the show, and you should, especially, if like me, you’ve not been initiated in the ways of burlesque.

While, burlesque may not be suitable for the prudes among us, it’s a good time for the rest of us. I don’t know if I’ve heard so much cat calling and whistling at a show, and that was from the Ladies in the audience. The bottom line is, it was entertaining, I laughed, and I never felt uncomfortable. If you’ve never been to a burlesque performance isn’t it about time…I mean you’re not a prude, are you? The next show is Monday 8/22 at 9 pm.

Who is Angel Burlesque?

“Voted Indianapolis’s Best Burlesque Troupe in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 by readers of NUVO, Angel Burlesque wows audiences with smart, hilarious routines and mesmerizing sensuality. AB’s theatrical brand of burlesque keeps audiences entertained, whether we take the stage for short performances or in full-length productions.”  — Angel Burlesque About

Show Schedule

Mon, Aug 22 9:00 pm
Thurs, Aug 25 7:30 pm
Fri, Aug 26 6:00 pm
Sun, Aug 28 7:30 pm