The “New Works” Showcase from the Indianapolis Ballet at the IndyFringe Basile Theatre offers the audience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with the entire dance company! You are very likely to feel the air swish around you as the dancers plié, relèvé, and sauté across the stage, thanks to the intimate setup. Whether you are sitting at one of the cabaret-style tables (highly recommended to increase the fun factor of the evening) or in the risers – the proximity is incredible! This eclectic mix of ballet and dance is sure to bring a smile to your face and encourage a brand new appreciation for the art of ballet.

IndyFringe Indianapolis Ballet New Works Showcase

The Indianapolis Ballet “New Works” Showcase includes six performances from March 2-11, 2018. (Image credit: Indianapolis Ballet)

Soon after the showcases begin, it becomes clear that the entire performance is going to be light-hearted and fun. The first act is composed of four different numbers. Each one of them is unique and impressive in their own way. The choreography of every piece is so different that it will likely be hard for you to pick a favorite!

Act I: Prepare to Be Dazzled by the Indianapolis Ballet

What impressed me most in the first number of Act I, entitled “Take Five,” was the incredible unison displayed by the dancers. It is incredibly difficult to perform many of the moves from this piece, let alone time it so that it appears that each of the talented dancers land and clap (and more) in a single movement. The second number, “Habanera,” is spicy and fiery. The incredible discipline shown by both dancers was mesmerizing! Because of the intimacy of the setup, the audience is encouraged to make noise during the showcases; this number got quite a few claps and “Wows!” from us!

The third number might have been my favorite (if I had to pick one) simply because of its whimsy and charm. “The Meeting” of four women in 50s-style dresses brought a smile to my face. In fact, it made me feel like I was watching them get together to gab over some mid-afternoon cocktails. The final number of the first act, “Prohibition Condition,” is a riot. I have never seen a ballet dancer on a bar crawl. Now have an idea of how hilarious (and yet still graceful) this sight might be! If drunk pirouettes aren’t a thing, they should be!

Act II: Tango Perfection

After a brief intermission so you can refresh your wine, Sun King beer, or margarita, you will be absolutely delighted by Act II. It is appropriately titled “TangoX6” and includes not one but SIX different tangos from choreographer Victoria Lyras.

The tango by nature is a sensual ballroom dance. These six numbers will not disappoint! Prepare to feel the many swirling emotions associated with passion; each tango piece is vibrant, playful, and stunning.

Here is a taste of the tangos from the Indianapolis Ballet Facebook page:

Gain an entirely new appreciation for the ballet! The skill, the athleticism, the finesse! Don’t miss the “New Works” showcases! You can also learn more about the debut 2018 season of the Indianapolis Ballet here. There are only five performances left – get your tickets now!

New Works Showcase Indianapolis Ballet IndyFringe

The intimate setup at the Basile Theatre makes it easier than ever to interact with the Indianapolis Ballet Company after the performance! (Image credit: Leah Beatty)