JSJeremy Schaefer combines storytelling artistry with stand-up comedy and does so from a writer’s perspective. His show is a compilation of vignettes from different times and places in his life and yet…it all fits. It’s about him, and it’s about everyone; it’s about our culture and the universality of the human condition, it’s about joy and it’s not. And isn’t that what life is—a journey, not a destination?

Great Story Tellers Lift the Imagination 

The great thing about good story tellers is the audience gets to imagine the story. My father reminisces of a time before TV when the family gathered around the radio. As my father listened to the broadcast’s he saw The Lone Ranger galloping to save the heroine, Dick Tracy facing down the bad guy, and Flash Gordon flying around Mars. As I sat in Jeremy’s audience, I was transported to the jungles surrounding Machu Picchu, I sat in his boyhood tree viewing the vast domain Rambonia, and I saw the flickering candles on his one day late 28th birthday cake.

Why Tell Stories?

As Jeremy shares on his website, “Why tell stories?  Stories are our imaginations.  Stories are our history.  Stories are our future.  Stories are: our thoughts, our fears, our dreams, our culture.  Stories are us.”

If you enjoy a good story told well, make Not a Destination part of your journey.

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