oak island the musical

Time has always been a precious resource for Will and Drake, but now they are truly learning how limited it is.

Oak Island – The Musical

It is hard to resist a treasure hunt, don’t you agree? Everyone is familiar with a pirate tale or two! Oak Island – The Musical follows a family that is intertwined with treasuring hunting on the imfamous Oak Island. This particular show is a preview of the forthcoming full-lenth musical from American Lives Theatre. It’s the perfect introduction to the cast, as well as the island itself! Hey, ho – it’s the island life for me!

If you aren’t familar with Oak Island, don’t worry! There is a short history lesson at the beginning of the show to bring you up to speed. It’s the greatest treasure hunt in history – and it’s still unfolding! There is also a short explanation on how this original musical came to fruition. The idea came after bingeing several seasons of a documentary series about Oak Island. The musical evolved from that to include a story of family, grieving, and closure.

Oak Island – A Musical is an adventurous, rowdy, heartfelt tale of two brothers finding their way to reconciliation after the sudden death of their treasure hunting father. Grief and loss are complicated. Packing up the life of a passed on loved one is bound to evoke deep emotions and sometimes upsetting conversation.

Some of the shows songs focus on the island and its hidden treasure, asking “what could it be?” Other songs focus on losing a loved one, and realizing how short a time we really have together with family and friends. “There’s a million miles between us,” even when we are near one another. Expect beautiful harmonies from the cast, as well as stirring, relatable lyrics.

The allure of Oak Island is not without consequences. The old, mysterious, unknown island still has lots of stories to tell. Don’t miss this preview, and be sure to stay tuned for the full-length musical!

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