The 2019 IndyFringe Festival marks the tenth appearance by Dance Kaleidoscope – it’s safe to say this dance performance showcase is a fan favorite. If you’ve never been to one of their shows before, Dance Kaleidoscope is a contemporary dance company from Indianapolis, Indiana. In fact, they are considered Indiana’s longest-dancing professional contemporary dance company; they got their start in 1972.

One applaudable aspect of the show that you might not be aware of is this: the artistic director believes in the importance of giving young artists a voice. Because they are given carte blanche on their IndyFringe Festival piece, the depth of creativity, honesty and passion is evident. You will come away inspired! You might also dance your way out of the theater, but that comes with the territory.

Dance Kaleidoscope dancers have choreographed a new, original piece expressing America’s values such as freedom, choice and courage. Through movement, their dances paint landscapes of the soul revealing the full spectrum of human emotions. You actually watch these American themes come to life through empowering movements and music of hope.

Our America features seven different dances combined into one piece, each with a unique choreographer. Each artist answers the question, “What do you think makes Our America beautiful?”

Audience members will learn how each dance came to be, thanks to a brief introduction by each choreographer. It’s very interesting to learn the “behind the scenes” scoop directly from the choreographer, and then see their vision come to life during the performance.

Each of the seven dances couldn’t be more different from each other, in the best possible way. From light-hearted 80s nostalgia, to a celebration of our nation’s natural beauty, to our propensity to want to have the best and be the best … Our America highlights what it means to be an American (the good and bad).

You will particularly enjoy the incredible variety in this year’s show – you will smile, you will ponder, and you just may tear up. Our country has many facets, and so does this piece. Brava!

As an ensemble, Dance Kaleidoscope explores the limits of the human body as a means of expression. Our America does not disappoint in this respect! The ensemble consists of 15 gifted and athletic dancers trained in classical ballet as well as modern dance. It’s incredible to behold the way they move their bodies to tell a story.

You will leave the theater inspired to give yourself to making our country truly great. If you feel like sharing your answer to the question posed by the show, DK Artistic Director David Hochoy has invited you to share them with the ensemble at Your responses might be used in a future art installation! How cool is that?

Don’t miss Our America during the 2019 IndyFringe Festival! Buy your tickets here.

Performance Times
Thursday Aug 15th, 7:30PM
Sunday Aug 18th, 7:30PM
Wednesday Aug 21st, 9:00PM
Thursday Aug 22nd, 6:00PM
Friday Aug 23rd, 7:30PM
Saturday Aug 24th, 4:30PM