This weekend only! Come see Paint Chips and learn about the many shades of Green. Enjoy fat Burgundy oozing across the floor. Yellow gets lemons, and Green gets limes. Chartreuse can’t abandon rhubarb. And the perfect Gray – swoon!

Voci Dance brings to life the spoken word jazz compositions of Ken Nordine. This jewel of a show invites you to relax and tap into your playful side. You might remember the childhood joy of a brand-new big box of crayons. I certainly do. The smell of wax, the beautiful shades of color on the wrappers, and the sometimes goofy names like cornflower or burnt sienna. This show reminded me of that kind of make-believe, simple joy of childhood. Set in the mod stylish world, at the height of the Beat era, each dancer embodies one of the colors as Ken Nordine’s spoken word describes them. Did you know that Yellow almost didn’t exist? That Blue and Yellow fought Green to make room for Yellow in the color wheel?

Designed by Genevieve Bernard, the performance uses audio/visual effects, costumes and collaborative choreography to tell the story of each color. I have to say, I’m not sure I want to meet Green or Crimson out in public. Green is complex, and you never know what Crimson might do. Rosey is such a sweet, geeky thing, and Olive is so excited to be color of the year! As you might be able to tell, the dancers bring each of the poems to life in a delightful and charming way that stays with you after you’ve left the theater.

In my years of attending Fringe shows in Indy, I find dance performances are the most vulnerable to being solid gold or kind of meh. Paint Chips is solid gold. It’s incredibly child friendly if you’re heading to Mass Ave with young ones. Better still, bring out your child at heart and allow yourself to be captivated. This particular show is only running this weekend – Saturday at 7:30p and Sunday at 1:30. After Sunday, they will be returning home to Orlando, Florida, and your chance to enjoy Paint Chips will be gone.