Trumpets sound, cymbals crash, and violins quiver as two people find love in Red Couch on the TOTS Mainstage. The show is full of fancy footwork and flirtatious energy as two dancers bring to life a story inspired by the book “I Like You.”

This award-winning dance-theatre romantic romp is about two people that like each other. Cue the gut-wrenched butterflies, awkward tension, and an epic pillow fight. All of this happens on a couch … that’s red.

As a quick side note, you can keep your phone out for this show! Snap away to your heart’s content: Red Couch allows media recording (photos, video) so long as you tag it! (#redcouch @indyfringe @tommylewey)

The music and movement in this show elegantly portray the highs and lows of falling in love. There is a subtle vulnerability in the choreography that is also present when opening up and letting someone in; at its core, Red Couch is relatable.