Fasten your seat belt and hold on tight because this show takes off. So much so that it’s made my task of writing a review – daunting. How can anyone write about a show set on an Irish island about priests who accidentally commandeer a Jesuit rocket funded by the Vatican (not the Vulcans), who then meet an alien and a Yiddish-speaking Otter? So, I ask you, how do I write about that? Well, the answer is I don’t. You’ll have to come see for yourself.

What I Can Write About

Clerical Error Productions, formed in 2018 by Kate Duffy, David Molloy, and Jeff Kirkwood, are known for their spoofs and parodies. They’ve brought Father Ned, the priests, and their tea-toting housekeeper back for another surreal farce loosely based on the Irish TV cult Hit, Father Ted.

The acting is delightful, the music is fun, and the script is hilarious. I’d wager whatever you feel comfortable with betting, that you can’t sit two minutes without laughing out loud. Whether it’s the young priest doing his Elvis impersonation and ending with “Bless you, bless you very much.” Or the Jesuits rousing chorus of “We can’t let the Lutherans beat us into space,” you’ll be grinning from ear-to-ear. As the priestly crew readies for takeoff in the missionary position, you’ll fly to the moon with them.

Yes, this is a Fun Show

It is a fun show, and I don’t want to scare anyone off because it is fun. You’ll have a great time. However, profound messages are shared, like when the alien is asked if she’s a girl or a boy. Or when the Jesuit general tells his compatriot, there is no god. But unlike some shows, Rocket in your Pocket isn’t “preachy.” The show doesn’t let the message get in the way of entertainment.

Add Rocket in Your Pocket to your Indy Fringe shows to see.

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