It isn’t often that you meet someone who aspires to sainthood. It can be hard enough to follow the “Golden Rule,” let alone live your life so that the Pope canonizes you! This difficulty doesn’t stop Harley Lynn, though, and shapes her decisions in high school and college.

Saint Harley, Adventure Girl! tells the story of a young woman that is determined to make the world a better place. Tidbits about your favorite saints are sprinkled throughout the show, and audiences will likely leave knowing more about them than they did before. Harley hails from a sheltered small town, but her fascination with the daunting, sometimes hilarious task of trying to do good sends her across the world to war-torn Syria and the medical tents of Doctors Without Borders.

While it might seem difficult to form a connection with a character focused on sainthood, it is actually quite simple! Harley is genuine, passionate, and somewhat headstrong – she is also pretty funny! The animated performances from Alex Raby (Harley Lynn) and Nate DeCook (everyone else) coupled with a minimal and movable set make a big impact. This dramady features a cast of thousands (well, okay, two), plenty of bite, Donna Summer, and dancing.

It is easy to laugh and relate to Harley as her adventure takes us around her small hometown and eventually across the globe to Syria for aid relief. She often yearns for a “bigger” life that offers grander opportunities for sainthood (and adventure). Sure, working as a lifeguard can be an adventure, but she wants to do more.

This global adventure brings home a local message; there are people in your hometown who can benefit from your kindness and help. While it’s wonderful to those in need thousands of miles away, you can also focus your energy on making a difference right where you live.

I wish Harley the best of luck in getting followers as a result of heroic virtue!