In my day a debutante ball was the coming-out ball where all the eligible young ladies come out into society to all the eligible young men. But Meg presents us with another version of the debutante ball using many of her skills, from dance, physical storytelling, and most importantly her ability to be vulnerable in front of a room full of strangers.

We hear her story of growing up and going through the motions of being straight. Trying to want a man, to be with a man, to love a man and failing time and time again, as she says, “leaving a trail of broken hearts.” As she tells her story you realize she is looking for the answer to the question so many of us have asked ourselves; how do we be what we are not when society keeps telling us that we ought?

She lets us in on relationships with girlfriends throughout her life that might have been different if only there had been a debutante ball with rainbows and unicorns. She tells those stories with humor and with a level of vulnerability that would make Berne Brown proud.

While there were glitches in the execution of her production, she handled them with humor and gave the audience some unintended comic relief the proof of a true professional.

See Big Gay Debutante Ball Yourself:

• Saturday August 21 @ 9:00pm

• Friday August 27 @ 10:30pm

• Sunday August 29 @ 6:00pm

• Thursday September 2 @ 6:00pm

• Saturday September 4 @ 1:30pm

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