Seeking Consciousness, perhaps an odd title, draws the attention of one like myself, someone who seeks clarity about the human experience. I was richly rewarded. I loved the one hour monologue of one Dwight Simmons, a local comedian and observer of humanity. After introducing himself with a mock voice-over and fighting his way through the curtain, Dwight launches into a preview of the evening. He promises to share two break-up stories, some reflections on his life, and I think some Naz lyrics. (That last one might have been a spoiler!)

I thoroughly enjoyed an opportunity to sit back and listen to someone else’s perspective on my hometown. As an Indianapolis, Indiana native, I don’t get this opportunity often. We’re not New York, Chicago or LA – major cities that celebrities have opinions about. As if the local connection wasn’t a boost by itself, I love listening to someone who’s position in the social structures of our world is quite distinct from mine. I appreciated the candor with which he spoke. For example, admitting that he sometimes wished he was white as a kid, so his social life would be easier. His difficulty with being accurately and holistically seen is a challenge I wager all of us can relate to.

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of laugh out loud humor the show contained. Dwight has a good sense of comedic timing and remains connected to his audience. He alters some of his jokes based on the reactions from the crowd with ease. Some of the things he confesses will surprise you. I would argue if recent events have encouraged you to learn about someone else’s perspective, then you would do well to see Seeking Consciousness this Indy Fringe.

Follow Dwight on Twitter: @UnwellSpoken