Sense Ain’t Common will sell out; you’d best buy your tickets now.  I’m serious. This isn’t a sales pitch. I’ve seen Stewart Huff half a dozen times in and out of Fringe, and I can tell you, you don’t want to miss this show.

I should say,  most of you will want to see Sense Ain’t Common. If you’re an open-minded human being, who wants to help others, and enjoys laughing until tears are running down your cheeks, then Stewart Huff’s your man, and Sense Ain’t Common, is the show. However, if you’re close-minded, reactionary, and uptight don’t bother.

What is a Hero?  

Stewart shares stories of heroes. He defines a hero as someone who helps strangers, someone who gives without expectation of reciprocation, and someone who gives because it’s the right thing to do. He shares several stories of heroes, some are funny, others are heartfelt, and still others are both.

As I listened to Stewart talk about heroes it hit me, Stewart Huff the performer is a hero.  He’s a hero who has the courage to seek the truth, ask important questions, find the humor in life, and cause the Creation Museum to kick him out. I’ll let him share that story.

What’s The Show About?

 What’s the show about? It’s about an hour. Okay, I should leave the jokes to Stewart. And I’ll let a previous review answer the question.

“Sense Ain’t Common, which Huff previewed in Orlando back in March, is a fast-paced comedic survey of some of the dangerous ideas that have been getting scientists and free-thinkers beaten and burned since civilization began. Huff delivers his hillbilly philosophy in a gravelly drawl that softens the horror of his histories,” — Orlando Weekly

Why Should You See This Show?

“I was standing in the lobby talking with Stewart Huff after his show when it hit me—someday, hopefully soon, I’ll tell people I saw Stewart Huff at a small venue and chatted with him after the performance and they won’t believe me, it will be like, “Really, THE Stewart Huff?” Mr. Huff has something to say, says it well, and makes you laugh saying it.” Add Stewart Huff to Your Must See List

Next Show (If It’s Not Sold Out)

Performance Times

Saturday Aug 19th, 10:30PM

Sunday Aug 20th, 4:30PM

Tuesday Aug 22nd, 7:30PM

Wednesday Aug 23rd, 6:00PM

Saturday Aug 26th, 3:00PM

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