shopping network cast

Get your credit cards ready because you will want what we are selling! 

Shopping Network!

Who else is guilty of making an impulse purchase every now and again? Be honest – who hasn’t bought something they really didn’t need, just had to have? Well, great news! The cast of Shopping Network! is offering a variety of wares that will catch your eye, and tickle your funny bone! Don’t take too long thinking about purchasing, though – these amazing treasures are available for one day only! Act now before they are gone forever!

The show takes place during a live taping of MarySueBeth and Ross McSteven’s “Shop-Till-You-Drop Extravaganza Hour” with special guest, “Jennifer Coolidge” on Shopping Network. The audience quickly practices with cue cards to ensure everyone is in unison once the show is live. We are also warned to not make direct eye contact with host Ross due to a weak bladder.

This is a very special taping to memorialize the founders of Shopping Network, and the stakes are high. In fact, Ross and MarySueBeth have to reach their one million dollar goal. If they don’t, it might be lights out on the set forever!

Whether it’s jewelry, christmas decor, or limited edition patriotic plates, you do NOT want to miss these deals! Especially the limited edition Coolidge Candles; the line features unique scents that aren’t available for sale anywhere else! The hosts also take a few callers live on the air during the live taping, which adds to the hilarity.

This Fringe show is an absolute laugh riot from start to finish. It’s fresh, silly, kooky, and incredibly entertaining. Be careful when you take a sip of a drink – you may end up spitting it all over the person in front of you! The characters are memorable, and so are the items available for purchase. You don’t want to miss it!

You can purchase tickets here.