War is personal. Tragic. While some have experienced the loss and horror of political revolution at their doorsteps, all of us have personally experienced the battle of heartache and loss in some capacity or context. Silken Veils brings the two together across cultures, time, and generations.

Darya’s journey through a life-changing lesson was mesmerizing: to truly be in the present, oftentimes that means facing and resolving the tragedy of our past. Without the healing, there is no moving forward. Instantly relatable, Darya captured my heart.

The mixed media of the performance–puppetry, music, and layering of light and shadow–was cohesive and wonderfully executed. The movements of the puppets, done by the actors themselves, were as expressive and skillfully done as the words and music that accompanied them. The layering of light and shadow–specifically the silhouettes of Darya’s parents–sensually and beautifully conveyed the depth of emotion that only two lovers experience through good and bad.

The poetry of Rumi was the underlying layer of the entire production. The mystical, romantic proseĀ carried across each scene just as it has across the centuries. It mirrored and reflected the battle between expectation and reality.

One would not be disappointed to attend Silken Veils. It is easily the best show I have seen in the history of my IndyFringe experiences over the years.