Who is Simon Ferocious? A tortured genius bent on dominating the musical zeitgeist? A legendary musician, remembered only by their most die-hard fans? The epitome of rock-n-roll excess and debauchery?

Stroopwafel Improv

Do you remember watching “Behind the Music” on VH1? If so, the newest show from improv group Stroopwafel Improv is for you!

The group began their first show of the festival with a short explanation of what improv is and how it works. This would be a good show to see for improv first-timers so you can “see” how it works and learn what to expect. The explanation was also a fun and simple way to get the audience warmed up and prepared to participate. Stroopwafel Improv also gave a quick overview on what short form and long form improv is, and the differences between the two.

The audience will also learn who Simon Ferocious “is” and how it relates to the behind-the-music vibe of the show. Without giving too much away, it involves an argument backstage and a popped collar! Any guesses on who it might be?

The first portion of the show consists of a few short form improv games that rely on audience participation to get them going. Each show will be different, because each audience will be different! Pro TIp: If you are shouting out suggestions, try to keep them as broad as possible to give the group a lot to work with. It will only make the show funnier!

The short form games during the premiere show were “What You Got?,” “Switch Left,” and “Serious Conversation.” The first game gave the group a beat and they had a rap battle using audience suggestions. They had to work with Paris, the zoo, and school! The second game involved scene switching (either to the left or to the right) using more suggestions from the audience. It got a little silly as the group talked about eagles, otters, a rocking chair, the beach, and the Roaring 20s. The final short form game showcased two members having a serious talk about finances while doing parkour and playing soccer.

The second portion of the show is long form improv, which was actually created by Stroopwafel Improv. Instead of shorter comedy skits, they keep the act going through different scenes involving the same characters. Once again, the audience provided prompts to be included in the skit. Simon Ferocious also finally makes an appearance! It was a lot of fun to watch the tale unfold on the spot. The group had to work with french toast, “Pour Some Syrup on Me,” and a whisk!

Stroopwafel Improv is an independent comedy group that specializes in long form improv comedy. Named after a dessert almost as enjoyable as its members, Stroopwafel has been entertaining crowds with shows ranging from improvised book clubs, short form showcases, and the occasional “Guerilla set” done in public with no warnings to the general public.

You can purchase Simon Ferocious tickets here.