Indy Fringe 067

Take everything you think you know about this story from the Walt Disney Version and turn it on it’s head. This version of the story is set in Salem, Mass in an era of witch trials and superstition.

The story is not really about Brier Rose four witches who battle over her and eventually for their own salvation. .

From the quality of the costumes, to the stunning performances by the cast it is hard to believe this is a high school production. The performers move with grace across the stage and every motion seems to be deliberate, designed to set a mood or elicit and emotion.

Much of the story is told in subtle gestures, from the tilt of a head (which is accentuated by the tall hats the three witches wear) to Rose sitting silently, with her prince.

The staging is awesome, but the script is compelling as well.  My favorite line is this haunting warning

 “Beauty is a curse.  It keeps us from seeing who the real monsters are. “

Despite that warning, I will say this performance was beautiful.  Go see it for yourself.

 Indy Fringe Basile Theater

  • Mon 08/22/16 6:00pm
  • Thu 08/25/16 9:00pm
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