Small Gods, Big Problems shows that even deities can’t avoid downsizing, rebranding and re-alignment of the company goals. The show opens with Jay, god of small pleasures being summoned by ‘the Administration’ and receiving the news he’s being downsized. He has three days to find another purpose, or he will lose his deity status. He bemoans his problem to Sagittarius, and his bff Nelson, god of functional anxiety. Many of Jay’s talents have been moved to the “self-care” department, and are no longer considered pleasures.

The story continues as Jay tries to help a mortal woman find love, but since his focus is small pleasures, things don’t go according to plan. Along the way we meet Devin, from the Competition (hint: she has horns) who shows Jay how he can accomplish his mission. Again, things go horribly awry, for well, obvious reasons.

Small Gods, Big Problems looks at what it takes to make true love last, and the bits that only last for a moment. Jay learns a lesson in sacrifice, and in the end finds a happy ending for himself as well as the mortal he was trying to help all along.

Small Gods, Big Problems is a modern look at Greek mythology, providing things to think about and some laughs too. It runs all three weekends of the festival at the IndyFringe Basile Theatre.

Small Gods, Big Problems

Saturday, 8/21 6:00pm

Friday, 8/27 7:30pm

Sunday, 8/29 3:00pm

Saturday, 9/4 7:30pm

Sunday, 9/5 3:00pm