As a board member, my job at the festival is to be the Traveling Box Office.  So when I am working, that means is I make a loop between all the theaters during each performance hour.  I love the job on warm, sunny days.  Each loop is about a mile, so it is easy to make my daily steps.

But the best part of the job is if I manage my time correctly, I can linger in a theater for  five  ten minutes and catch snippets of performances.  Here are a few thoughts on the snippets of what I saw, and want to head back to see the rest of their shows later this week.

Les Kurkendaal Adventures While Black in Britian

Returning to the Fringe for the third time, Les’ skills as a masterful comedic storyteller have grown each year.  In the few moments I spent in the back of the room at the intimate Comedy Sportz, he drew me to his story, and I was on a street in London with him, suffering through a terrible first date, wishing he had stayed behind to talk to the other guy!  I want to know what happens next. 




It Gets Bitter: The Ron Popp Story

The crowd was laughing as I entered the theater, but then fell silent as Ron started to tell the next part f his story. His laid back delivery is an odd contrast for the more manic style of many stand up comics, but no less effective. I particularly liked his off handed dig at Mike Pence and i want to know how his story ends. 

Jan Of All Trades

Jan Shirley-Ann is a wonderful story teller, with an authentic, engaging style   I  I had to leave just as she was explaining how she got lost on the Butler University Campus on her first day.  I want to know if she ever made it to class.