It is Friday morning and I suddenly realize the list of shows I want to see is significantly longer than the time I have left. I am excited because I know the ones which I will get to see will all be wonderful in their own way, but am heartbroken to miss so many other terrific shows.

So I am going to do the next best thing.  I am going to share the list of the ones I am going to miss.  I hope you will check out the list, go see some of the shows, and then tell me what I missed.

Fruit Flies Like a Banana – I love the performers who comprise the The Fourth Wall.  They are incredibly talented musicians with a wonderful sense of fun.  On stage and on the avenue they are approachable, passionate and all around nice people.

If you have never seen them perform this will be your last chance for awhile. After several years as IndyFringe regulars they have their eyes set on other festivals.  So grab a ticket and send them off in style.

Tipped & Tipsy – Jill Vice takes you inside life in a bar, playing 14 different characters.  You are sure to find someone you can identify with.  Traveling here from San Francisco, this is not a performer you will have a chance to see again, so pencil her in before it is too late.

My Wildlife: Owl by Myself – There are live animals, what more can I say.   He has only one more show this weekend before he takes his animals back on the road.

Velour – Two years ago I was a the House Manage for a performance of The King & I, a Hunk of Burning Love.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially since I am not a big Elvis fan, but I was absolutely captivated by the performance.  Their new show is at the Marrott Center, leaving crowds laughing as they leave the show.  Please see it and say hello to Vinnie for me.

I could go on, but then I would never get this finished.  So I will sign off. Go see these and all the other shows at IndyFringe. Don’t let the weekend slip away.