There has been a lot of buzz surrounding “Spaghetti Western 3D” during this year’s festival. While standing in line for other shows this weekend, I received many recommendations from other Fringers and this particular show was often praised. The words “hilarious,” “musical,” and “goofy” came up a lot during these on-the-spot reviews. Once I learned about the all-female cast, I knew I had to see this show for myself!

“Spaghetti Western 3D” is a hilarious staged version of a classic western movie, complete with notorious outlaws, quick-draw gunslingers, and original frontier songs. The story unfolds over well water rights in the small desert town of Javelina, Arizona. Comedy, singing, and many costume changes ensue.

Original songs pop up throughout the show, and the cast carries the tunes beautifully. There is even a sing-a-long so that the audience doesn’t feel left out! The comedy throughout the show keeps you laughing, and you can’t help but get sucked into the story through the infectious energy of the cast. “Spaghetti Western 3D” is witty fun for the entire family.

What I liked most about this show was the overall energy and enthusiasm of the cast. The over-exaggerated facial features, the physical comedy, and the witty one-liners all come together for a perfect snapshot of the Old West.

You can learn more about “Spaghetti Western 3D” and buy tickets online here.