How do you make climate change funny? You weave in a few funny personal stories, tell surfer jokes, impersonate a few well known and not so well known personalities. And you are a biologist turned comedian. And by the way, enjoyed the eye candy – not a bad guy to look at if you enjoy that sort of thing.

What’s a surfer doing talking about climate change? In his search for the perfect wave, Tim Lee searched far, far from his home in California. What was a perfect wave several years ago and shown above is now filled with tons of plastic trash from our discarded water bottles and other trash. Timothy Lee interwove climate facts with storytelling and personal examples, some funny, some serious.

Tim Lee, a biologist turned comedian, tackles climate change in a refreshing and humorous way. I liked his style of video and telling stories of growing up, surfing, and how this led him to focus on climate change. A story of how he has been affected by climate change, starting with how he almost died at a young age.

And how much energy does it take to raise the ocean by one degree? Go see Taking Heat and find out.
If you like your comedy on the nerdy side, this show is for you!

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