Les Kurkendaal is a likable.  When you see him on the street during the Festival he will strike up a conversation and share a story, with a laugh and a smile. His show is exactly the same.. It feels like a conversation with a friend. as he shares the adventures, and misadventures of his week long Alaskan cruise.

Les is in one half of a biracial gay couple and the cruise was 10 days with his boyfriend Mike, and Mike’s family.  His relationship with the family and the fact that he was one of a handful of black travelers on this cruise fuel the story.

There are painful moments as he confronts subtle racism, and humors moments as Mike’s conservative Republican family tries to connect with this liberal, vegetarian, recovering alcoholic. And there are inspirational moments as Les discovers meaning in the beauty of Alaska.

The show is ambitious as Les tries to cover too much. He occasionally veers off into subplots which are not well developed giving the performance a bit of an uneven feeling.

At the same time those subplots create a performance everyone can find something to relate to.  The show is about family, how we fight, misunderstand, awkwardly try to connect and ultimately demonstrate that we love each other.


Les Kurkendaal – Website: http://lesk1976.wix.com/leskurkendaal

All performances are at ComedySportz:
721 E. Mass Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

  • Fri 08/19/16 9:00pm
  • Sat 08/20/16 10:30pm
  • Sun 08/21/16 4:30pm
  • Tue 08/23/16 7:30pm
  • Wed 08/24/16 6:00pm
  • Sat 08/27/16 3:00pm