The Artful Piano has been nothing but a joy to thousands of people who have played, tinkered and wondered at its history. The Artful Piano made its appearance outside The District on June 8 for Pride Parade and on Labor Day it was found like this (see below).

This was a gift from a donor who wanted the piano to bring life to Mass Ave. CICF Women’s Fund had local artists decorate pianos way back in 2011. This was bought by a donor and stored in his garage. He wanted people to enjoy it over the summer on Mass Ave. We have seen the homeless play for hours and make tips, passerby amaze us with their talent, families sing-a-long, a seventy-year old played rock tunes, fringe artists entertained the lines waiting for shows.

We had hoped the Artful Piano would demonstrate that this sort of outdoor interactive space builds community.  Day in and day out we saw how it worked. Busker Stations should become protected cultural assets of Mass Ave. It would hopefully prevent vandalism because the community would own the idea and treasure it as much as we admire and treasure the sculptures and art on the Avenue. We now have to find the funds and of course an artisan who can repair an 1880 piano.

We can watch Dancing Ann but you can’t interact with her. We had plans to bring back a number of the pianos for next year’s festival which would have made a wonderful interactive event on Mass Ave. Art is for the people.

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