The space surrounding the Indy Eleven Theatre box office before Saturday night’s “The Circus of Joy” performance was absolutely electric, if not a bit chaotic. Many people in line were talking about previous festival shows featuring Jason Adams, and wondering what this year’s performance might include.

Anticipation reached a tipping point when Bongo appeared before curtain to share some Big Top tips with the waiting crowd; soon after the theater was packed and filled with laughter. When the show concluded, remnants of the many thrilling acts (including a sledgehammer, a bed of nails, and a tightrope) scattered the theater still filled with laughter.

“The Circus of Joy” is high energy, three-ring circus featuring Erin Grievances and Bongo the Blockhead, a dynamic duo that attempts the impossible to entertain the audience with wit and props. The tiny circus includes many of the classic acts that you expect to see at the circus; you don’t want to miss the lion jumping through the ring of fire! It also includes drinking, audience participation, and a tightrope walk 500 feet above the audience.

What I liked most about this show was the lightning-fast wit of the cast. Both Erin and Bongo reacted to the audience with genuine enthusiasm, and often adapted their acts slightly to make the performance even more enjoyable.

You can learn more about the show and buy tickets online here.