Zach and Zack are back with another comedy hit.  You may remember this production company from hits like Holy Ficus and The Great Bike Race.  This year, they bring us hilarious a behind the scenes look at an afternoon talk show.

The show has all the elements we have come to love in a Zach and Zack production: Clever use of video, terrific scrip, broad physical gags and a talented and well rehearsed cast.  Don’t let the tight set fool you, there is often as much going on on the side as the center of the stage. You need to watch everywhere which can be challenging as you wipe the tears of laughter.

The Premise

To say the five women who comprise the cast of the morning talk show ( in the style of the Veiw) don’t like each other is an understatement Their subtle and then not so subtle feuding on and off camera starts slowly and builds to a delightful crescendo.  There are clever twists and turns, wonderful sight gags and a sense that all the performers were having as much fun as we were.

There wasn’t an empty seat anywhere in the house, so if you think you are going to see this show ( and you should) get your tickets now.

Location: Theater on the Square

Performance Times

Thursday Aug 17th, 9:00PM
Saturday Aug 19th, 4:30PM
Monday Aug 21st, 7:30PM
Friday Aug 25th, 6:00PM
Saturday Aug 26th, 6:00PM
Sunday Aug 27th, 3:00PM

Audience Warnings: Adult Language