The Old Man and the Old Moon, performed by Carmel Theatre & Film, opened this weekend at IndyFringe 21. This family-friendly show features music, puppetry, and creative staging. The story revolves around how the moon came to wax and wane, rather than stay full. The old man in charge of fill it with light (for it was a bit leaky) leaves his post when his wife finally leaves on an adventure without him. He doesn’t hesitate when he discovers she’s gone, and leaves to find her. He has an amazing adventure along the way.

Carmel Theatre & Film brings energy to this production, and shows a wide range of talent from playing musical instruments to each cast member playing multiple roles. The staging includes a ship, a hot air balloon and the inside of a giant fish, all conveyed by simple staging and the talented cast. Catch. performance these last two weekends of IndyFringe 2021.

The Old Man and the Old Moon

August 28 4:30PM

September 2 6:00PM

September 5 4:30PM