Overcoming your fear of clowns is worth it – this show from A Muse Zoo sparkles with wit and satire! Don’t miss it during the IndyFringe Festival! “THE TRUTH*” is an original and eccentric comedy that is over-the-top and skillfully performed. The performers are hysterical, using mime, clowning, and vaudevillian humor to entertain; buckle up and get ready to laugh!

“THE TRUTH*” story chronicles the rise (and fall) of political power in a make-believe land with hilarity. Audiences will meet four very different dictators trying to conquer a new land. There are many twists and turns as they fight for ownership, but none are as surprising as the ending! It’s a laugh-riot wild-ride that you will enjoy from start to finish.

You might be inclined to think “THE TRUTH*” is stuffed with pointed satire, but the show from the clowning troupe is actually quite fun and full of light-hearted jabs at human shortcomings – not just political ones.

Be prepared for a (somewhat ridiculous) history lecture from an odd professor with a passion for pea soup. (Go see the show – this will make sense!) His tongue-in-cheek recollection of the war for Kudnanibonbar frames “THE TRUTH*”. The antics of Queen Petunia of Flowerton, Jean-Pierre of Gorgonzolia, Molvius of Moleville, and Jeff, Prince of Benmark take place in the form of a slideshow that comes to life whenever the professor has to exit the stage.

The professor aims to explain why each of the four dictators were unfit to rule, due to things like tyranny, addiction, and other murder, but THE TRUTH just may be revealed when the slideshow comes to life. I don’t recommend sitting in the first row if you aren’t interested in being a participant. Nothing too zany, but a warning nonetheless. This is definitely a “just go along with it” kind of experience!

Still not sure if this show is right for you? Watch a preview below.