From the moment Peter John Byrnes opened his comedy routine comparing the Trump presidency to a bad come over, “neither covers anything up well and both are loved by old, white men” I knew I was in for an hour of laughs, with a strong dose of political humor.

There is no doubt on which side of the political fence he falls, but his routine is not just Trump bashing. It is filled with simple, and funny commentary on the world we live in, from suburban conversations to the news media conspiring to makes stories more than they are to a really funny bit on sex in the White House.

The show is a bit uneven, as some segments are stronger than others, but overall Peter is a talented comic, with a keen eye, and biting sense of humor as he looks at the world, and the year we have just lived through.

Genre: ComedySolo
Audience Warnings: Adult Content and Language

Performance Times
Friday Aug 18th, 7:30PM
Saturday Aug 19th, 6:00PM
Sunday Aug 20th, 9:00PM
Tuesday Aug 22nd, 6:00PM
Thursday Aug 24th, 9:00PM
Saturday Aug 26th, 3:00PM